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James Githens, Licensed Massage Therapist

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - James Githens LMT
Certified Massage Therapy Provider
Certified in ACE Cupping

Jamie was born and raised in Western New York, growing up in Pittsford, where he graduated from Pittsford Sutherland in 2015. Growing up in a large, sports-oriented family, he quickly fell in love with staying active and exploring any new physical activity that he discovered. Jamie’s father, Roger, a massage therapist of 20+ years, influenced him at an early age to take the best care of himself and his body that he possibly could. This ignited his interest in the anatomy of the body, as well as how to keep it loose, healthy, and feeling great. After many varying sports injuries, the help and rehabilitation provided by his massage therapist father solidified in Jamie that a career in the massage therapy field was all he wanted. After graduating high school, he immediately enrolled in the New York Institute of Massage two weeks later at the age of 18. After graduating one year later, Jamie became one of the youngest professionally licensed massage therapists in the state of New York. His love for sports, hiking, and anything outdoors has shaped his style of therapy to be focused on the rehabilitative side of the massage field. He is truly a people person who wants nothing more for his patients than to get back to the things they love to do in life. When Jamie isn’t working he is probably playing basketball at his local gym, at home behind his drum kit, attending a concert, or even out hiking at Letchworth State Park. He is an avid music, movie and all things pop culture lover. Jamie is extremely excited to become a member of the team at Complete Care Chiropractic. Making a difference in people’s lives is always the most important thing to him. Seeing patients happy, healthy, and back to doing the things they love is nothing short of the best reward the healthcare field can provide.

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