Mission Statement

At Complete Care Chiropractic, we are committed to providing complete and exceptional care. Our mission is to help people live the healthiest life possible.  We strive to show our patients the amazing healing powers of the human body and to treat the entire musculoskeletal system as a whole for the greatest benefits and complete care. We aim to help all of our patients and our community in achieving optimal health.

Our Approach to Treatment:

We believe that many injuries and complaints do not have to be permanent and in fact, with the proper treatment can resolve. We believe in the incredible healing benefits of a chiropractic adjustment, and are additionally certified in many soft tissue techniques so that we can address and correct the entire problem. For example, often times if your joints are out of alignment, you may also have strains throughout the surrounding musculature. If you are only addressing one component, you will only correct half of the problem, and thus your complaints will circle back around and may not heal. This is why it is important for us to treat the whole system.  We also recognize that no two people are exactly the same. We make sure that we do a full assessment of each patient and customize a specific treatment plan for everyone, based on what you need. We will evaluate your body and address all contributing musculoskeletal factors to ensure the best possible treatment for optimal and complete health. Your body is an incredible network which is comprised of many different structures, all of which are important and contribute to both pain and wellness. Treatment goals may include, relieving irritation of the nerves to allow your phenomenal nervous system to heal itself, decreasing the tension in your muscles, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions throughout your soft tissue, and/or manipulating your bones and joints. We aim to work with the entire neuromusculoskeletal network of the amazing human body.  Care typically involves each of these elements. Again, we are committed to providing complete and exceptional care. We further strive to provide you with the tools to not only remain pain and symptom free, but to prevent the cause of dysfunction from reoccurring. We feel it is important for you to be provided with all the tools necessary to live the healthiest life possible and to achieve optimal health. We passionately believe this is possible for everyone.

What We Do:

We treat many patients from all ages. This includes infants, babies, children, adolescents, young athletes, adults, adult athletes, and the elderly.We treat patients for many reasons. Some patients treat for wellness and to maintain overall health. Others treat for repetitive injuries, daily complaints, and discomfort. We have many patients who treat after they have suffered from a motor vehicle accident, or from a work injury. We also have patients who treat through Medicare and for age related complaints.


How We Do It:

We are certified in and perform many different techniques to maximize the benefits of our treatment.Chiropractic Manipulative Technique (Adjustment): This adjusts the joints which are hypo-mobile and/or out of alignment, restoring them to the proper motion and placement to provide proper and optimal support for our body. This may include many different adjusting techniques. Your doctor will decide which is best for you.Soft Tissue Mobilization: This is a soft tissue technique where the practitioner will use their hands to heal soft tissue abnormalities such as muscle tension and hypertonicity. This may include Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release Technique.The Graston Technique (Certified Provider):  This is a technique that involves a set of 6 stainless steel tools which are formed in a way to be used by the practitioner for healing. The tools are able to go deeper than our hands can to break up scar tissue, muscle knots, and adhesions throughout your body. This is often utilized to treat sprains, strains, tears, tension, stiffness, and trigger points.Low Level Laser Therapy (Cold Laser Therapy): This is light therapy and is utilized to speed up the healing of our body. The laser emits a specific wavelength of light into the mitochondria of our cells. If you remember from middle school science class, the mitochondria is the energy center of the cell. The wavelength causes this energy producing center to do everything quicker, thus speeding up the healing.SpiderTech Taping: This tape can be used in many different ways, depending on the way the practitioner tapes you and the type of tape that is used. If may be used for lymphatic draining, to reduce swelling. It can also be used structurally to prevent certain motions, such as taping a shoulder so that you don’t over-extend it. It can also be used for pain control and to reduce the pain in a certain area while it is on.

Why We Do It:

We are truly fueled by our passion for what we do, and by our desire to help people. We have experienced so much healing and have been so fortunate to be a part of the healing journey of our patients. Our doctors’ passion for what they do is evident every day and with every patient.

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