For many years chiropractic care has played a huge role in the lives of a large variety of patients from athletes, to children and musicians. With a wide variety of treatments like chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and instrument assisted soft tissue treatments, patients have more options to help them obtain results faster.

Musicians like athletes put a significant amount of time into their instrument. They not only spend time perfecting their skills, but they also have to train various muscles to help with movement, breathe support, and even posture. With all the various muscles working in the body, it is easy for musicians to overwork muscles and even sustain injuries. It is common for instrumentalists to experience problems with arm pain, finger numbness, pain in the neck, and other various discomforts (international music). Many musicians can suffer from a condition called “Repetitive strain injury (RSI), a general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse (”. Artists like Carlos Santana have used chiropractic care as a way to treat RSI to help maintain balance of body function (chirosushi). Other artists like Madonna, Guns N’ Roses and Jon Bon Jovi have personal chiropractors who often tour with them to help maintain overall wellness ( theamericanchiropractor). Along with famous musicians many music teachers and symphony musicians seek chiropractic care.

                With chiropractic care musicians can experience significant improvement in not only their overall health but also can have less muscle fatigue while playing, quicker reaction time, decreased pain throughout the body and even more energy. From famous musicians to garage bands it is commonly known that chiropractic care can be crucial to prevent further injury that potentially could end a musician’s career. More than 80% of professional musicians experience injuries throughout there playing career. In some cases these conditions such as RSI or even other injuries like tendinitis and carpel tunnel can lead to musicians having to withdraw from playing. Leon Fleisher, a leading pianist experienced focal dystonia, a condition in which you can lose control of a specific group of muscles, causing him to be unable to perform publically. Whether the pain is just starting or you have been putting it off, now is the time to see a chiropractor and improve your musicianship.

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