Athlete Chiropractic Care

Sports often require repetitive motions which put repetitive strain on the part of your body that is used, creating many overuse injuries. Conditioning your body along the way with a chiropractic maintenance treatment can help to minimize the wear and tear on your body. This is important because often times it can help us prevent injuries before they occur and may also help to improve your performance.
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What to Expect

As fun as sports can be, they can also take a toll on your body. We work with many different athletes who play many different sports. It is very important to be both proactive and reactive with your chiropractic care especially if you are an athlete.

Performance may be enhanced with the proper maintenance treatment as it can help each part of your muscular skeletal system to work properly. If a muscle is strained it may be shortened, not allowing it to fully lengthen or produce strength to its full potential. If a bone is out of alignment, it can limit motion and movement, forcing you to compensate by recruiting other parts of your body, which may not only affect performance, but can also lead to further injury.

Sometimes injuries in sports are unavoidable. Athletes can train, prepare, and practice and still experience difficulty with certain motions. It can occur you dive for a ball and land wrong or slide into a base and are faced with an abrupt force in the wrong place. If the volleyball hits you in the wrong spot, or you’re checked while playing hockey causing a whiplash motion, these can lead to acute injuries. If you land wrong after going up for a layup or twist too far while golfing, injuries may inevitably occur.

If an injury does occur, chiropractic treatment can help, and our office focuses on treating the entire musculoskeletal system. We treat many athletic injuries from sprains/strains and tears of the ligaments/muscles to subluxations/misalignments of the bones.

If an injury does occur, our Doctors utilize specific techniques in a treatment plan that is uniquely designed for each patient based upon their detailed physical exam. Some of these techniques many include a chiropractic adjustment, Low Level Laser Treatment (Cold Laser), and SpiderTech Taping. We also commonly utilize soft-tissue techniques to treat a variety of athletic injuries including Graston Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Myofascial Release. Please refer to our website in the section “How we treat” for a detailed description of our treatment techniques. Whether it is a muscle strain or ligament sprain, aches, tightness, stiffness, misalignment, or radiating pain from various muscles, nerves or joints in the body, we can guide you along the path to proper healing.

Additionally, our Doctors will evaluate the biomechanical impact and relationship between the spine and extremity joints to optimize function and athletic performance. Treating in a holistic manner along the entire kinetic chain allows for both efficient and sustained relief of symptoms to both prevent re-injury and return you to peak athletic performance.

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