Chiropractic Care for Seniors

“Quality of life” is a term that is often used today somewhat generically, but it should be noted that it can only be measured by the individual. Managing pain can be a big part of one’s quality of life if the individual is hurting. We are deeply concerned about all of our patients and enjoy building relationships with them, especially seniors. Helping them manage pain, and find comfort and relief is a huge part of what we do at Complete Care Chiropractic.
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What to Expect

It is important to note that just because an individual may be older, it does not mean that they are beyond healing. Many of our senior patients come in with the intent to manage pain, and are pleasantly surprised that we are actually able to resolve their condition. From there, maintaining optimal function becomes the goal and is entirely possible in many cases.

As we go through the aging process, our bodies can start to ache and certain muscles can lose strength, causing tension and pulling on our joints. The resulting effect can create varying degrees of pain and discomfort. Our treatment aims to re-align those joints and when applicable work the muscles surrounding them that cause this pain. This is just one example of cases that we commonly see. There are many other factors that are common in the aging body which make people more likely to experience injuries, pain and discomfort including but not limited to misalignment, herniations, spurring, degeneration and many other conditions. That is why our doctors perform a detailed physical exam to correctly diagnose our patient’s condition and determine the best course of treatment for each patient. There are many unique treatment techniques that we often use to treat our senior patients as needed. The greatest feeling is to hear someone’s grandparent talk about the pain they used to be in, and how our treatment gave them a much better quality of life.

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