Pediatric Chiropractic Care

The process of birth can be aggressive or even traumatic to a baby’s body. As a result, infants can have musculoskeletal shifts and/or injuries just like adults can. Many parents will have their children examined and evaluated for musculoskeletal changes that may need to be corrected. These can be subtle and minimal, however, we have seen more extensive injuries that have occurred.
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In the video below Dr. Niccole explains there are many benefits of maintaining wellness throughout the musculoskeletal systems for kids just as there are for adults.


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What to Expect

Since a baby cannot tell their parents that they are experiencing pain or discomfort, many parents will have their children examined and evaluated for musculoskeletal changes that may need to be corrected.
A condition we often see in babies upon birth is called torticollis. This is when the baby’s head is turned to one side, typically from musculoskeletal injuries. By treating the musculoskeletal system, often including the joints and the muscles together, we have experienced considerable success in resolving this troubling condition.

Even beyond birthing injuries or discomforts, many daily activities may cause changes in the musculoskeletal system of babies, similar to that in adults. Some of these may include crawling, playing, or turning in certain ways. Addressing these issues is beneficial, promoting overall health and the comfort of the child.

It is important to note that treating a baby is extremely different than treating an adult. Very minimal pressure is necessary to achieve great results with little ones. Also, the treatment can be performed in many different positions based upon the baby’s and parent’s comfort. Some of these may include being gently held by the doctor, or even by the baby’s mother or father. The adjustment and soft tissue treatments are all very gentle, and usually don’t bother the baby.

Additionally, Complete Care Chiropractic can treat children at all ages. Babies and adults are not the only ones that experience injuries and/or mechanical dysfunction. From sports, to poor posture in the classroom, adolescents may be suffering from various ailments for various reasons – and chiropractic care can be an easy and effective solution.

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