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Our Services

What makes our treatment so special? We believe in treating the entire musculoskeletal system. This entire system works intricately together and we believe that by addressing all the elements that are involved in the injury or the path to wellness, we achieve complete care and great success in our treatments. This includes addressing the joints through our highly skilled adjustments, as well as the soft tissue which can include the muscles, ligaments, fascia and scar tissue. We are uniquely skilled in various techniques that we utilize to achieve this.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Dr Nicole and patient chiropractic adjustment

Chiropractic Adjustments

Our chiropractic adjustments are very patient-centered. This means we utilize what will work best for each of you and your specific need. This includes techniques like diversified where our doctor skillfully delivers a controlled and targeted force into affected joints for improved mechanics. We are additionally skilled in an array of techniques such as Flexion & Distraction (decompression), Activator, and others to address a range of unique conditions.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Manual soft tissue neck treatment with patient

Manual Soft Tissue Treatments

Manual soft tissue treatment utilizes skilled passive movements including pushing, pulling, massaging, and stretching of underlying muscles, ligaments, and fascia. This may include myofascial release, trigger point treatment, manual mobilization or other complimentary techniques that when combined with a chiropractic adjustment, can address a wide range of soft tissue issues effectively.

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Graston Technique

Graston Technique is a technique that all of our doctors are uniquely certified in. It is an established form of soft-tissue mobilization which utilizes stainless steel tools of varied shapes, sizes, and functions. The instruments magnify what the practitioner’s hands feel, similar to how a stethoscope amplifies the sound of a heartbeat. With its evidence-based therapy, GT gives effective relief from soft tissue dysfunction, including the breaking up of scar tissue, muscle knots, and tightness.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - cold laser therapy application to heal ankle pain

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy’s penetrating light is absorbed by deeper tissues, stimulating the production of adenosine triphosphate, as well as improving microcirculation and reducing inflammatory markers. All of this culminates in a lessening of pain, and can also promote a faster and higher-quality healing process.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Integrative Message Therapy room and cupping

Massage Therapy

What really makes our massage therapy program incredible is our amazing therapists and their ability to work hand in hand with our doctors. Whether you are targeting specific pain or indulging in a full body relaxation treatment, our integrative approach provides what you need. Give a boost to your overall wellness by coordinating with your chiropractor for the ultimate care plan.

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Stretching Protocol

Our full body stretching protocol is designed to help you achieve your flexibility and mobility goals. During your session, our skilled providers will use a gentle stretch technique and a series of stretch and hold maneuvers to your major muscle groups one at a time. This approach is intended to increase your range of motion and promote a comfortable muscle tone.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Prenatal Care - Webster Technique - Image by Yanala on Freepik

Webster Technique

This technique is very safe and effective for a misaligned pelvis during pregnancy. It is not a baby turning technique, so there is no direct external force applied to the baby. It is also performed gently.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Spidertech Kinesiology Tape on Back

Spidertech Kinesiology

Spidertech is an innovative take on kinesiotaping and offers a clinically proven solution for soft tissue repairs and skeletal treatments. Unlike traditional taping, Spidertech’s kinesiotaping is impressively elastic, with a goal to provide minimal joint stability while preserving full mobility and function.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Cupping Kit

ACE Massage Cupping

By creating suction and vacuum pressure, our massage therapists utilize ACE Massage Cupping to soften tight muscles, loosen adhesions and bring hydration and blood flow to the body tissues. Cupping can help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissue, trigger points, and swelling.

Complete Care Chiropractic Williamsville NY - Prenatal Care - Pregnancy Massage - Dr Nicole Pregnancy Photo

Prenatal Care

At our practice, we understand the unique needs of pregnant women. That’s why we offer a specialized pregnancy table which allows for a comfortable, face-down massage experience as well as customized chiropractic tables to allow for comfortable treatment throughout your pregnancy. Our prenatal care is designed to provide relaxation, relief, and better function in a time where your body is already going through many changes that can have a large effect on your musculoskeletal system. Our providers provide gentle pressure to specific areas of concern for a unique care plan for each individual patient and their needs.